CIDER 2013 Cider, Beer, & Wine List

Cider Festival Provisional Cider List (updated 14 September 2013)

You can download the Cider List as of 14 September 2013 (.csv) (for most spreadsheet applications).


Producer Type County Style ABV
Bridge Farm Medium Somerset Med 6.5
Buffoons Nutcracker Essex Med/Dry 7.5
Burnards Monty's Double Norfolk Med 6
Burnards Oaky Dokey Norfolk Med 5.2
Burrow Hill Cider Somerset Med 6
Carters Cider Essex Med/Dry 7
Celtic Marches Abrahalls AM Worcestershire Med 6.5
Cromwell Oliver's Choice Cambridgeshire Med 6.5
Cromwell Oliver's Session Cambridgeshire Med/Dry 4.5
Cromwell Oliver's Sweetheart Cambridgeshire Med/Sweet 6.5
Crones Dutchie Original Norfolk Med 7.5
Crones Owld Norfolk Norfolk Med/Dry 7.5
Crones Rum Cask Norfolk Dry 7.5
Crones User Friendly Norfolk Med 6.2
Crossman's Home Orchard Special Somerset Med 7
Delvin End Sailor's Ruin Essex Med/Dry 7
Delvin End Waltzing Wasp Essex Dry 7
Dengie Cider Dengie Dry Essex Dry 6
Glebe Farm Side-R Medium Cambridgeshire Med 6.5
Glebe Farm Side-R Medium Cambridgeshire Sweet 6.5
Hogans Hazy Daisy Warwickshire Med/Sweet 3.9
Hogans Panking Pole Warwickshire Med 5.3
Hogans Pickers Passion Warwickshire Med 5.3
Honey Pot Farm Medium Somerset Med 6
Kingfisher Medium Sweet Norfolk Med/Sweet 7
Kingfisher Sweet Norfolk Sweet 7
Lawrence's Cider Medium Somerset Med 6
Lyme Bay Jack Rat Scrumpy Devon Med 6
Lyme Bay Jack Rat Vintage Devon Dry 7.4
Millwhites Barrel No.7 Hertfordshire Med 6.5
Millwhites Hedge Layer Hertfordshire Med 4.8
Millwhites Medium Scrumpy Hertfordshire Med 6.5
Millwhites Rum Cask Hertfordshire Med 7.5
New Forest Traditional Hampshire Dry 7
New Forest Traditional Hampshire Med 7
New Forest Traditional Hampshire Sweet 7
Once Upon A Tree Dorothy's Orchard Herefordshire Med 7
Once Upon A Tree Kingston Redstreak Herefordshire Med 7
Once Upon A Tree Tumpy Ground Herefordshire Med 7
Orchard Pig Navel Gazer Somerset Med 6
Pennard Organic Somerset Med 6.5
Perry Bros. Vintage Somerset Med 6
Potton Press Crispin Blend Bedfordshire Med 8.2
Potton Press Crisp'n' Dry Bedfordshire Dry 7.4
Potton Press Happy Medium Bedfordshire Med 7.4
Potton Press Liquid Sunshine Bedfordshire Med 6
Potton Press Sweet Spot Bedfordshire Sweet 7.4
Rich's Legbender Somerset Med 6
Salt Hill Cider Merry England Berkshire Med/Sweet 6.4
Salt Hill Cider Autumn Gold Berkshire Med/Sweet 5
Sheppy's Medium Somerset Med 6
Torre Cider Howzat Somerset Med/Sweet 7
Westcroft JJJ Somerset Sweet 6
Whin Hill Sweet Norfolk Sweet 6.4
Wilkins Sweet Somerset Sweet 6
Worley's Farmhouse Somerset Sweet 6.5


Producer Type County Style ABV
Double Vision Impeared Vision Perry Kent Med 7.4
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Glamorganshire Med/Sweet 4.5
Hecks Blakney Red Somerset Med 6
Hogans Vintage Perry Warwickshire Med/Sweet 5.8
Pine Tree's Farm Pear O'Dudda's Perry Kent Sweet 5.5
Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry Berkshire Med/Sweet 6.4
Whin Hill Perry Norfolk Med 6.4


Producer Type County Style ABV
Gwynt Y Ddraig Pyder Glamorganshire Sweet 6
Millwhites Apple & Pears Hertfordshire Med/Sweet 5

Local Wine (from Felstar Vineyard, Crix Green, Felsted, Essex)

Red Pinot Noir
Rose Pinot Noir
Medium Dry White Crix Green from Bacchus grapes
Medium White Black Notley from Mueller Thurgau grapes

LocAle Bar (Locale Real Ale)

Sponsored by The Square & Compasses, Fuller Street, Chelmsford, CM3 2BB,

Brewer Beer ABV Style
Bishop Nick Heresy 4.0% Golden
Colchester Brazillian Coffee and Vanilla Porter 4.6% Dark
Colchester No.1 4.1% Amber
Felstar Lightburst 4.0% Golden
Felstar Old Essex 3.9% Copper
Mighty Oak Blue Sky Drinking 2.6% Golden
Mighty Oak English Oak 4.8% Amber
Round Tower Crank 3.6% Golden
Round Tower Hub 5.6% Amber
Wibblers Dengie Dark 3.8% Dark
Wibblers Hop Harvest 4.0% Golden