WINTER 2017 Provisional Cider List

CIDER BAR CORE INFORMATION: Thanks to Berties Cider Company, Braintree and Essex Cider Supplies, Chelmsford for supporting the Cider Bar and supplying much of the Cider Bar stock.

MEET THE CIDER MAKER on Wednesday afternoon: Ian Reynolds will be available from noon to chat informally about his Berties Cider Company products, answer questions and give tasters from the range on the cider bar.

FRUIT ā€˜Nā€™ SPICE & ALL THINGS NICE is the theme so Enjoy the REAL APPEAL of Cider made from apple juice, perry from pear juice and pyder made from apples and pears. Spiced ciders are clearly stated and you may try before you buy. CAMRA encourages responsible drinking so there are plenty to choose that are 5.5% and under.

The colour coded cask cards have labels to help you choose your preferred style ranging through the rainbow: Red (Very Sweet) to Violet (Very Dry) as well as Taste and Appearance stickers for Cask Matured, Clear, Cloudy, Fruity, Sharp, Tannic and Wine-Like. There is always something new to enjoy so come and chat with our friendly volunteers who ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT CIDER LIFE!

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Apart from Fallen Angel products which may contain gluten from barley, all the cider bar stock is gluten free, and suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

As required, the cider bar will be re-stocked to ensure supplies until Saturday night with many favourites and award winners throughout the festival.


The Chelmsford and Mid-Essex CAMRA Recommended Pub Guide and Cider Map are available FREE at the bar and give details of pubs selling Real Cider and Perry in our branch area. If you know of others please contact Claire Irons 07773 093399 or email ku.gro.armac.drofsmlehc@redic Wassail! Claire Irons, Cider Manager

Provisional Cider, Perry, & Pyder List as of 14 Feb 2017.

Download the Cider List as of 14 Feb 2017 (.csv) (for most spreadsheet applications).
Download the Cider List as of 14 Feb 2017 (.pdf) (for Acrobat).

FOOD ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES: For cider, perry, or pyder allergen information, please ask a member of staff from the bar concerned.

Producer Product County ABV
Aspalls Cyderkyn Suffolk 3.8
Aspalls Templemoon Suffolk 5.8
Berties Cider Co. Phoenix Essex 6.5
Berties Cider Co. Winter OBSession (Spiced) Essex 4.5
Biddendens Bushels Kent 6.0
Biddendens Red Love (SV) Kent 5.0
Broxbourne / Fallen Angel Brewery Gardener's Delight Essex 4.2
Broxbourne / Fallen Angel Brewery Scotch Bonnet Cyder (Spiced) Essex 6.0
Celtic Marches Lily The Pink Herefordshire 4.5
Celtic Marches Ruby Tuesday (Raspberry) Herefordshire 4.0
Cornish Orchards Vintage Cornwall 7.2
Crones Rum Cask (Organic) Norfolk 7.5
Delvin End Celtic Storm Essex 7.0
Delvin End Winter Festival (Spiced) Essex 7.0
Dengie Cider Dengie Medium Dry Essex 6.0
Dorset Nectar Sweet Maiden Dorset 5.0
Dorset Nectar Wild Cat Organic Dorset 5.5
Double Vision Sweet Kent 7.4
Dudda's Tun Cider Duddas Greenhorn Kent 5.5
Dudda's Tun Cider Duddas Spiced Kent 4.0
Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon Glamorganshire 7.2
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Scrumpy Glamorganshire 5.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Happy Daze Glamorganshire 4.5
Hallets Oak Age Cask Caerphilly 5.6
Hallets Rum Cask Caerphilly 5.6
Harry's Scrummage Somerset 6.2
Haygrove Evolution Crooked Branch Herefordshire 5.0
Haygrove Evolution Kingston Redstreak Herefordshire 7.0
Hecks Port Wine of Glastonbury Somerset 6.5
KentCider Co Elderflower Kent 5.5
KentCider Co Gala (SV) Kent 6.5
KentCider Co Spiced Kent 5.0
KentCider Co Toffee Apple Kent 5.5
Lilleys Apple and Blackberry Somerset 4.0
Lilleys Mulled Cider (Spiced) Somerset 4.0
Lilleys Rum Cider Somerset 4.0
Newton Court Gasping Goose Herefordshire 4.8
Orchard Pig Chilli & Ginger (Spiced) Somerset 4.5
Orchard Pig Hogfather Somerset 7.4
Orgasmic Medium Herefordshire 6.0
Perry's Nustar (Oak Cask) Somerset 4.8
Sheppy's Orchard Dew Cloudy Somerset 6.0
Snailsbank Fruit Bat Herefordshire 4.0
Westons Mulled Cider (Spiced) Herefordshire 4.5
Wise Owl Medium Kent 6.0
Producer Product County ABV
Berties Cider Co. Galanthus Perry Essex 5.0
Berties Cider Co. Panfield Perry Essex 5.8
Celtic Marches Craklin' Rosie Perry Worcestershire 4.5
Double Vision Impeared Vision Kent 7.4
Duddas Tun Pear O Duddas Kent 5.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Glamorganshire 4.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Welsh Gold Perry Glamorganshire 6.0
Lilleys Pickled Parrot Perry Somerset 6.0
Newton Court Winnals Longdon Herefordshire 5.3
Orgasmic Parton Perry Herefordshire 5.0
Snailsbank Very Perry Herefordshire 5.1
Producer Product County ABV
Berties Cider Co. Berry Nice Indeed Essex 6.0
Berties Cider Co. Panfield Pyder Essex 5.6
Gwynt Y Ddraig Farmhouse Pyder Glamorganshire 6.0