WINTER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is there free entry for CAMRA Members?
A. Yes, but ONLY if you present your valid CAMRA Membership Card.

Q. Are children allowed?
A. Families & accompanied children are welcome during the day. Children under 16 get Free entry.

Q. Are dogs allowed?
A. Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the school (except for recognised assistance dogs).

Q. Is smoking or electronic cigarettes allowed?
A. Smoking or electronic cigarettes are **NOT** allowed anywhere on the school grounds, so you will have to go outside school grounds to smoke.

Q. Will there be food & soft drinks available?
A. Yes, there will be hot & cold food available (except for Invite Only preview evening). There will be a range of Curries & Chilli, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Jacket Potatoes. Chocolate and crisps will also be available. Soft drinks will be available on all CAMRA bars.

Q. Is there anywhere to lock my bicycle?
A. Yes, out side the festival there are places to chain a bike. HOWEVER, we take no responsibility for any items left there.

Q. Is there a car park at the festival?
A. No. Please see our WINTER Location/Directions page.

Q. Is there a cash machine or cash back at the festival?
A. There will be cash back available.

Q. Will I need proof of age?
A. If you're lucky to look young, then please make sure you bring proof of age with you. You will not be served if you look under age and do not have proof of age with you.

Q. Do you sell Lager?
A. There may be some cask lagers available on the main beer bar - ask a member of staff from the beer bar.

Q. Will there be Gluten Free or Vegan beers available?
A. We hope to have Gluten Free or Vegan beers, but we can't guarantee it - ask a member of staff from the beer bar.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol in?
A. No, sorry. Only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed on site. We will refuse entry to anyone trying to enter with alcohol.

Q. Do I have to buy a glass?
A. There is a refundable £3 deposit on a Special Souvenir Tankard/Glass, which you can keep as a souvenir. The refund is only available if the glass is not damaged and while the refund counter is open.

Q. Can I bring my own glass, tankard or horn.
A. Yes, but we can only serve into a CE marked lined glass, so you are welcome to hire a festival glass and pour your drink into another vessel.

Q. Can I get my entrance fee refunded if I join CAMRA?
A. Yes, just join at the Membership Stand.

Q. Is there disabled (wheelchair) access?
A. Yes, disabled (wheelchair) access to the festival is very good, however, for disabled parking, you will have contact the Volunteer/Staffing Manager ( ku.gro.slavitsefredicdnareebdrofsmlehc@gniffatsfbw or 07824 726108) to make arrangements.