WINTER Provisional Cider List

ALL THE STOCK ON THE CIDER BAR IS GLUTEN FREE AND SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS. Whether they contain any other allergens such as Sulphites will be stated on the cask card. As required, the cider bar will be restocked to ensure suitable supply until Saturday night with many familiar favourites and award–winning Cider, Perry and Pyder (made with apples and pears).

The cask cards will have coloured numbered stickers according to style from sweet to dry to make it easier to spot specific styles. Taste and appearance symbols give information about each product: CASK MATURED, CLEAR, CLOUDY, FRUITY, TANNIC and WINE-LIKE.

WASSAIL !! (traditional toast meaning "good health", as you raise your glass of cider and SMILE!)

Provisional Cider List

More details as we have them!

FOOD ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES: For cider, perry, or pyder allergen information, please ask a member of staff from the bar concerned.